Covid-19 Relief for India

India is in crisis. In this time, what matters most is that we continue to share resources and give back in whatever way we can. 

Here are some of the organizations Casa Amarosa will be donating to* (Updated Daily)

1. Khaana Chaahiye 

Khaana Chahiye is ensuring that the most vulnerable populations in Mumbai, India have access to a basic necessity, food. So far, they have been able to serve 460K meals and distributed more than 20,000 grocery kit. 

2. Hemkunt Foundation

OXYGEN is the need of the hour. Hemkunt Foundation is leading the way with its effort to distribute Oxygen cylinders to COVID-19 patients for FREE in Delhi and Mumbai.

3. Good Weave Foundation 

The COVID-19 Child and Worker Protection Fund delivers immediate humanitarian aid and services to vulnerable populations in India, Nepal and Afghanistan

4. Creative Diginity Fundraiser 

The Collaborative in building a nationwide strategy for Relief, Rehabilitation & Rejuvenation of India’s crafts. This fundraiser strives to provide relief to over 1,00,000 artisans and their families, especially in remote rural & tribal areas across 30 states.

5. ORUPA Fundraiser 

ORUPA, a voluntary association, is helping over 1500 artisans across 30 districts in Odisha. Your support will go towards providing dry grocery kits in the short term, raw materials and working capital in long term.

*Casa Amarosa is committing 15% of profits for the next two weeks towards help artisan partners & charities across India including