Where to Find Artisan Products for Your Store?


In today’s time, we are engulfed with so many foreign brands around us that we fail to acknowledge what is right ahead. Vocal for Local is a quite renowned slogan that is doing the rounds, and is apt in explaining why prefer artisan products to foreign brands. Artisan products, or handmade products are great ways to support local businesses. A store showcasing artisan products will not only drive ample customers but also bring smiles to the face of those artisan workers who don’t get rewarded enough.

What exactly are Artisan Products?

Now, many doesn’t have a precise idea of what artisan products are, and how these ethically sourced products will provide your store a touch of tradition. Artisan products are handmade or traditional products that are made locally. These are products whose raw materials are curated exclusively for a small batch of products, unlike the voluminous ones we find in the major high-end brands. Artisan products are quintessentially made from age-old methods like the ones our grandparents narrated in their stories. The most notable factor about handmade products is its very minimal usage of new-age additives like color, or any other chemicals.

NGO Artisans Handicrafts Reviving Livelihoods

Advantages of using Artisan Products?

Confused about switching to artisan products for your store? Well, it can be slightly baffling, but once you go through the following perks the products offer, you will stick to buying them.

  • Artisan products are complete conservationists, they consume very little energy
  • Shifting to artisan products will result in increased employability among locals
  • Most people out there value products marked as ‘handmade’ or ‘natural’ more than others. They find a touch of authenticity in it
  • Purchasing handmade products will directly enhance the community as a whole
  • Since people are becoming more centered towards saving the environment, showcasing artisan products will make your store a big hit very soon
The Benefits of Buying Local Vendors

    How do Artisan Products Impact Communities in Developing Countries?

    A very crucial factor that requires immediate attention when discussing artisan products is, how it impacts the communities in developing countries. It should be stated that, right after agriculture, it is the artisan sector that contributes to employability in developing countries. In fact, as per reports, even after the hard blow received after the COVID-19 outbreak, the CMH or creative manufacturing and handmade sector attained a $500 billion of annual revenue in 2020 and is anticipated to have a great rise by 20% by 2024 reaching to around $1 trillion. It is from the developing countries that we have around 65% of the exquisite handicraft products that we all have in our homes and offices.                

    Handicrafts Market

    Artisan products are great sources of foreign exchange revenue, they demand pretty low capital investments, and offer immense employability. Apart from that, handmade products are anyway better in quality than others.

    Why Should your Store Contain Artisan Products?

    Your store defines your type, your personality, and choice. Keeping artisan products in your home décor store will enrich your collection, and make customers understand your inclination towards celebrating local handmade products. Getting wholesale home décor comprising artisan products will save you a huge amount of money and at the same time display uniqueness.

    Your target customers may be pretty bored seeing similar products in most of the home décor stores. Your customers must perceive your motive behind displaying artisan products – They’re made by thousands of people who have a plethora of ideas in their heads and expertise in their hands.

    The impeccable beadwork is quite a celebrated Kenyan handcraft, but it has a deep-seated story behind it. The very famous malachite Kenya cuff (image below) as well as the glass-beaded Gypsum wrap are all made by people who are deaf. This is a very generous act done by the people of Africa – providing employability to the disabled.


    Bringing in artisan products in your stores containing hand-block print throw, or that turquoise velvet cushion made by the woman artisans of Northern India will provide your customers a clear view of the plethora of locally made goods. Imagine keeping one of these in your store, and generating income for thousands of talented artisans out there, nothing like a noble purpose like that.

    Where Can You Find Artisan Products For Your Store?

    Ultimately reaching the most demanding question. It can be really hard to find yourself the perfect place for your artisan products. Another criteria that most store owners look for is providing prices that are wholesale for retailers. We, at Casa Amarosa, have an extensive and distinct collection of artisan products across the world. Not only that, we provide prices wholesale for retailers as well. We have products crafted by accomplished Indian artisans. The main aim of Casa Amarosa is to introduce Indian artisan products to the world.

    Where Can You Find Artisan Products For Your Store

    Our highlighting offer of the wholesale program is a boost for many businesses. Our wholesale home décor products include kitchen and dining textiles like Tortilla baskets and warmers, pot holders and mitts, home accessories like rugs, throws, cushions. We have both independent and retailers dealing with distinct products, e-commerce wholesales, as well as interior design firms.

    The following is the list of the products and their sources spread across India:

    • Handmade velvet pillows from Ludhiana: The velvet pillows are crafted by women artisans attended by a non-profit organization that educates and employs women.
    • Jaipur’s Hand-block print: Famous across the world, hand-block print has been in use since the 12th century in India. The artisans pull off some of the excellent prints in our pillows, rugs, and more.
    • Nagaland’s artisans: We connected with an artisan collective whose main goal is to generate microenterprises of over 1,000 weavers, thereby developing their lives.
    • Rugs from Bhadohi: Located 10 miles from the Indian city of Varanasi, the artisans make some authentic rugs. The approximate time to make rugs take from 3 to 10 days.
    • ‘Pit’ and ‘Panja’ handcrafted pillows of Panipat: Situated in Northern India, Panipat is famous for its weaving. We have connected with the best of the artisans who are highly talented in weaving deep cotton and jute yarn.
    • Karur’s Tassle and textile making: Located in Southern India, Karur is famous for its tassle and textile making. Our clutches are made in the hands of the talented women artisans of Karur.

    We offer Tailor-made Artisan Products

     One factor that is special about Casa Amarosa is our customization facility. We keep a very transparent selling process where every requirement of the buyer is attended to. Our immensely huge collection of products help us to offer the variety the retailers want. Since ours are handmade products where crafting takes quite some time, we have kept a minimum order quantity per SKU for tailor-made products. This again ensures our promise of providing the best and ethically sourced products.

     We offer Tailor-made Artisan Products

    The cotton and jute products are beautifully custom-made into different designs and shapes. The main objective behind selling jute and cotton products is encouraging minimal usage of plastic.

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