Top Houseplant Trends 2022

Not only do houseplants improve our homes aesthetically by softening spaces and highlighting signature accents, but studies show that they promote an array of emotional, physical and mental health benefits.

Here are top plant trends of 2022 for some inspiration.

1. Clustered potted plants

Bring together some of your favourite small plants to create a fun, intriguing cluster of plants.

In the wild, plants group themselves together naturally based on their requirements; so why not provide them the same consideration when having them in the home? Grouping plants together that thrive in similar conditions, and thus have the same care needs, makes it extra easy to tend to them.

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2. Make A Statement with Oversized Plants

While small succulents are incredibly appealing and so easy to maintain, this is the year when you can make a statement with oversized plants of six or eight feet tall. With so many people starting their house plant collections – especially during the pandemic lockdowns – it was inevitable not to become more confident with the type of plants included indoors.


3. Ferns

2022 is the year to obsess over the amazing variety of ferns out there. From light and airy Asparagus Ferns to vibrant, quirky Bird’s Nest Ferns to the ever-trendy and unusual Staghorn Fern, there’s a lot to love.


3. Create A Strong Aesthetic with Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants have an incredible quality of providing a peaceful, timeless, and breathtaking aesthetic in any room. Houseplants that are able to climb various items like pieces of furniture or onto a staircase, for instance, are a tremendous 2022 trend. It is crucial you guide their growth if you want them to take a specific direction. But, in some cases, you can let them take the path they want, and you will be positively surprised by the result.


4.Colorful Foliage and Blooming Plants Are Back

Colour has been proven to improve the overall mood. And if you are the kind of person who prefers minimalist aesthetics and monochrome palettes, some colour splashes will only improve the aesthetic.This being said, there is no doubt that when it comes to houseplant collections, colourful foliage and blooming plants, especially tropical ones, are back.In 2022, some of these stunning plants are hoya, orchids, hydrangeas, cyclamen, amaryllis, or anthuriums. By adding these flowering ornamentals your indoor garden will instantly become an excellent attraction.


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