The Indian Karigar | Partnership with Kadam Haat


Through our new blog series called the Indian Karigar - a colloquial name for Artisan in India - we want to highlight the partners we work with and provide further transparency to our wholesale and retail buyers about the women, artisans, and enterprises behind the Casa Amarosa products they are purchasing

Collaboration Highlight 

For our 2020 collection, we decided to collaborate with Kadam Haat. Kadam Haat is a non-profit with the goal to provide livelihood opportunities to rural artisans.  The non-profit promotes the use of Bamboo and Sabai grass to produce handicraft products that are unique, 100% handmade, sustainable, and eco- friendly. Kadam Haat provides the women in the area with training and education giving the women the chance to advance economically and take control of their lives and futures. All profits generated by Kadam Haat are ploughed back for training rural artisans and rural infrastructure development projects such as the provision of solar power and tube wells. 

Artisan Highlight: Artisan women in Kachhuana Village 

Multiple artisans work on every single wall plate which includes segregating and cutting the grass, cleaning the recycled plastic to be used for weaving, and finally weaving the grass and recycled plastic to create the gorgeous wall plates



Product highlight: Moonj Grass Wall Plates

This 100% sustainable product was developed using locally available wild grass called moonj and kaans in combination with recycled plastic that is coiled together by the women in Kachhuana Village to craft sturdy baskets and accessories. 
Our Kuro Wallplates are now available for wholesale on our website. Explore wholesale here.

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