The 10 Best Places to Shop for Affordable Rugs


Are you looking forward to changing your room's entire look and mood? Have you tried replacing your rug instead? Yes, if you are not ready to splurge with home décor but still want to change some things about your home, changing a rug might be the key. Plus, they are some of the most suitable products to find. There are so many stores that claim to be the best place to buy rugs online.

So, if you want to replace your rug or choose something new altogether, there are different options for you to choose from. These online sites mentioned here are the best places to find affordable and beautifully designed rugs. Some of them are even hand-crafted, and that's always a bonus. Go on ahead and have a look at the list.


Best Places You Can Shop for A Rug Online

Here are a few top spots for online shopping that will guarantee the best rugs that you can find.

1. Casa Amarosa

Hand-woven artisanal products at wholesale rates! What more do you want? Casa Amarosa has one of the best collections of incredible and affordable rugs online that you can buy. Not just that, but every single rug is created by a skilled artisan and hence portrays a traditional artisan style comparable to none. If you are looking for stand-alone patterns and stylish designs, this is where to look.

2. Revival Rugs

Looking for some vintage finds to complement the decor in your living room? Well, look no further because Revival Rugs have some of the best hand-woven designs. Choose from the beautiful selection of Turkish rugs, and you can pick one according to your budget.

3. Well Woven

The name says it all, people. We, Well Woven, will spoil you with so many exciting choices; the online area rug store has an assortment of Moroccan, Turkish, Vintage, Persian, and modern rugs to choose from. The options are endless, believe us.

4. Rugs USA

You have been living under a rock if you haven't heard of Rugs USA. Wholesale prices for stylish rugs are the best thing about the place. It is one of the main reasons Rugs USA is known as one of the best online rug companies.

5. AllModern

Catering to all styles and trends, AllModern boasts a beautiful collection of modern designer rugs to complement your style requirements. The rates are attractive too.

6. Urban Outfitters

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Urban Outfitters is deemed as one of the best of its kind with accessories and fashion choices. However, not many people know that the brand also caters to people's home décor needs, namely rugs. The handy outdoor and indoor rug styles will surely catch your eyes.

7. World Market

Is there anything better than finding the right size of your rug? At World Market, you can choose between the different designs, patterns, and materials for the rugs of your selection. Not to mention that the prices are attractive as well


Who hasn't heard of IKEA? It is one of the well-known brands to provide the best online stores for home décor and more. Lucky for you, there are traditional hand-woven Turkish rugs at IKEA that will surely impress you. Go ahead and have a look.

9. Amazon

It wouldn't be fair not to mention Amazon when we talk about Home Decoration products. Well, Amazon has one of the largest selections of elegant, designer, fuss-free rugs that are affordable. Such beautiful designs and refined products will surely make you spend your money and time at Amazon.

10. Overstock

For trusted quality and transparency, you can head over to the online store Overstock and have a look at the wide variety of incredible rugs. Branding the selections of wool, silk, and so many other materials, the rugs there have a stylish touch and a modern design. You will not be disappointed with the purchase you make there.

Final Note

Switching out an old rug for a new one might do wonders to change the look and atmosphere of the entire house. So, when you are out there shopping for affordable rugs online, you have to choose the place that offers the best products. These above-mentioned online stores have some excellent goods for you. Check all of them out before you choose the best rug. 

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