Spring-Summer Color Trends for 2022

For 2022 it's all about colors that make you feel good. A complement of comforting colors will be a key trend. Dreamy blue and purple tones that create a calming atmosphere, bright and welcoming yellows, and joyful pinks all create a feel-good interior. 

Yellows, tangerines, pale purples and baby pinks, which once may have sounded a bit saccharine are all seeping into interiors in a very sophisticated, grown-up way.

Blue comes into color trends every year, just taking a slightly different form. It's such a grounding, a familiar color that there's so much surprise we are drawn to it year after year, and this year it's deep blues that are looking to be the most on-trend.

Earthy, stonier tones alongside soft welcoming greens are becoming increasingly popular, providing a restful alternative to cooler choices. These gentle neutrals can be used in all areas of the home adding warmth as well as a sophisticated, complementary canvas for fabrics, wallcoverings, and furnishings from all genres.


Elegant and balanced, grays are the warmer alternative to classic whites and neutrals. Perfect to work with natural elements and accents to create a comfortable look. 

Muter grays can be balanced with other neutrals and natural materials to create a coordinated look that feels modern yet timeless.


Rich, darker shades that bring a sense of stability will be expected in bedrooms and living rooms. As our “new normal” keeps shifting, jewel tones add a familiar touch of luxe that feels comforting and consistent. Combined with soft wood tones and contrasting pastels, these tones can create a soothing and welcoming vibe that works perfectly for intimate areas like the bedroom.



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