A Seamless Wholesale Buying Experience


With tradeshows being canceled and physical distance becoming the norm - there has been a significant disruption in the wholesale industry. During this period we have had to rethink and repurpose our goals for 2020.  In the absence of physical connections, we realized that while our product or design will not change, the context retail buyers experience the product, would.

How would we continue to support our growing community of independent retailers and buyers? An updated modern brand and aesthetic was the first step but the next big item on our checklist was a seamless wholesale buying experience.

Enhanced B2B website for retailers 

The goal of the new wholesale website is to provide a simple-to-use digital channel to place wholesale orders and reorders in the absence of physical tradeshows. In addition, the website would also provide buyers with a virtual space to explore the brand story, to discover a real-time wholesale catalog, as well as access immediate support with an inbuilt chat function. 

Additional channels to order wholesale 

We want to continue to provide our retail buyers with multiple channels to order our products for their stores - we have also partnered with Faire Marketplace to sell our products to US and Canadian Buyers. In fact, we will be part of the Faire Virtual Summer Market (Aug 26-27th) to introduce our new collection for the holiday season. Faire Summer Market is designed to solve some of the immediate challenges related to in-person events by providing a safe and meaningful start to the holiday season buying. 

We hope the increased engagement, multiple channels for wholesale, and a seamless buying experience will provide robust tools for retail buyers and small businesses to continue to conduct business seamlessly. We are excited to keep improving the wholesale buying experience for our retail partners! 

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