Sabai Grass Weaving & Its Environment Friendly Process

About Sabai Grass

Sabai grass (Eulaliopsis binata) is a fine natural fibre belonging to the grass family. Sabai grass is usually cultivated in Orissa, West Bengal of India and in some parts of Nepal, China.

Sabai Grass has a naturally light brown colour, so even when it is not dyed the natural colour provides a beautiful, earthy feeling. 

The Process

  1. The first step is to cut and bunch the grass. It is reaped then sun dried and then made into bundles.
  2. Once this is done, the grass is first hand twisted and then a cycle ring is used to tighten the twists. The rough edges are removed by rubbing it on the tree-trunks.Some of the artisans use a twisting machine as well. Once twisted, the ropes are then arranged into bundles.
  3. The grass braids are handmade and the process is similar to hair braiding.The  rough edges are cut off and the braids are ready to use.At this stage, the grass is also sorted according to its length and quality.
  4. The craftsmen have a practice of dyeing the Sabai strands with natural and vegetable dyes. However they nowadays use Azo-free dyes to add vibrant colours to the weave. The process involves cutting the strands, making appropriate bunches, mixing colours in proportion and adding to boiling water, soaking the strands in the boiling water with the dye and then drying them in the sun.

Environment-Friendly Process

Sabai Grass products are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Since Sabai Grass weaving involves products being carefully hand-woven by artisans. Using no industrial machinery in the creation process means that no energy intensive production methods are deployed in creating Sabai Grass products. To add to this, since we are living in a time where people are more environmentally conscious, given the increasing threat of climate change, you can be rest assured that your purchase of Sabai Grass products will not unnecessarily increase your carbon footprint. 



Supports Livelihood of Artisans

Irrespective of whether you buy Sabai Grass products online or directly from an artisan, let us also not forget that buying a Sabai Grass handicraft that is locally made also supports the livelihood of a craftsperson. Since Sabai Grass products that are sourced rurally are handmade by artisans native to those areas, the beauty that you bring to your house with Sabai Grass products also enhances the livelihood of local artisans!



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