New Year, New Collection

It’s 2017, and what better time than the New Year to unveil our latest collection?

We strongly believe that in order to create anything new, you have to first be inspired. And as we always say, inspiration is everywhere- you just need to know how to interpret it to the best of your capabilities. For our latest collection, we found just the revelation we were looking for in none other than our home land- India.

The beauty of our Indian culture is exquisitely captured in  our newest collection featuring wonderful woven textiles brought out by artisan hand looms in the regions of Northern India. With multi-layered textures in play, this collection speaks to our customer’s desire to feel & touch as well as get the visual appeal of having such beautiful handiwork displayed in their homes. We’ve introduced two new categories to our home decor section as well: accent rugs & woven wall decor.

With hues ranging from bright yellows to neutral whites, our products offer a whimsical, playful & chic alternative to everyday home & dining goods. At Casa Amarosa, we’ve always believed in going that extra mile for all that we do, and with a great team to support us at every step, success is sure to follow.

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