Meet Our New Fair Trade Everyday Staples

In collaboration with Kadam Haat

Healthy workspaces, Fair Wages, Sustainability - these are all values that guide our mission at Casa Amarosa and we love supporting artisan enterprises that not only have similar core values, but also put their values into practice. It’s why we’re so excited to spotlight Kadam haat a social enterprise that works with artisans in India to make beautiful, meticulously crafted home and lifestyle goods. 

For this collection a traditional locally sourced material called Sabai grass was use to crafted product like tortilla baskets and market bags. A traditional method of weaving called Sabai Craft was used to intricately weave dried, handpicked grass into unique, sustainable everyday products.

Keep reading to learn more the process of making these sustainable staples and their impact on the artisan communities in rural in India.



The Art of Sabai Craft 

The material used is sourced locally called "Bubei Ghasa” infact 41% households produce sabai grass in their own land or as a share crop. Sabai grass is intentionally sourced because it sustainable, lightweight and has a minimal aesthetic making it a versatile material for an array of products. The grass first collected by the women and then dried in sunlight. Finally, the dried grass is then meticulously woven by rural women artisans into the products. Natural Azo Free dyes are used to add the color to 

Not only is it the eco-friendly material but it is also the details of the incrate weaving patterns that make each piece so unique.Each product takes several hours to make providing the artisans with hours of dignified work giving the artisans the capacity to make independent decisions for their financial future.


Artisan Stories and Social impact

Kadam aims to confront the problems of unemployment and uneducated youth migration to urban cities by providing safe and sustainable livelihoods. The enterprise has partnered with 462 rural homes that use locally grown natural fibres to make the products. It ensures economic sustainability by training and providing livelihood opportunities to its rural partners, 73% of whom are women.

“ The work started with nervousness and for now, it’s just my happiness. I have learned everything from designing to working with help of hand looms and now I declare that I’m a winner”  Rajendri Devi. ARTISAN , UTTAR PRADESH

The social enterprise aims to improve education conditions and provide viable employment opportunities for women and youth in rural villages. In order to create employment opportunities, they work towards creating small and medium enterprises leading to greater utilization of local resources and to teach skilled artisan’s basic professionalim required for economic sustainability.


The Sabai Collection: Sustainable, Fair Trade, Handcrafted 

Take a look at the newest additions to our Sabai Grass collection. Every product is completely unique with patterns and details that make them a perfect as everyday staples.


Tortilla Warmer

Made with 100% naturally grown local grass - processed organically, it's tight-binding makes the base very sturdy. 


Handmade Jali Market Bag

Large enough to hold everything you need (plus a little extra), the tote is wearable for any occasion — errands, work lunches, dinner dates, or all of the above. 

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