Inspiration behind the handBlock printed Celestial Collection


In the inspiration series we go behind the scenes, design process and artisan techniques behind products 

The Celestial Capsule Collection 

This collection was inspired by the bahaus school of thought, bought to life using traditional blocking printing in Jaipur, India. 


The Design Inspiration 

Rajvi Mehta, the textile designer goes behind inspiration for celestial capsule collection "This years collection was inspired from the modernist textile explorations of the women artists of the Bauhaus school of thought. There is a tactility to textiles that makes them warm and inviting, and our woven cushions have a bit of that as well. The block printed range is specifically inspired from the beautiful work of the artist Booby Clark, her basic shapes and their compositions are reminiscent of the bold basic shapes that defined the graphic style of that time"


The Artisan Technique: Block Printing 

While coming up with the new collection, we decided to consciously edit and concentrate on two main techniques, printing and weaving. In India, we have multiple craft clusters that work in these techniques, and we have worked with weaver in Panipat, India for handwoven cushions with dyed cotton yarn. The block printed cushions were printed in Jaipur, the hub of block making and printing

Artisan Hand BlockPrinting Artisan  Hand Block Printing
You can shop wholesale the celestial collection here 

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