Future of home goods retail - 2021 and Beyond

Home decor is a crucial part of everyone’s life being that interior design represents a perfect outlet for people to express their creativity and personality while striving to create their dream living space.

The global home decor market was valued at $616.6 billion in 2019, and is estimated to reach $838.6 billion by 2027

But, where exactly has that led us? These are definitely good news showing that people have seen the importance of home decor and that there is an already developed fast growing market for future retailers. Big retail companies have of course seen this opportunity and have jumped on this train on time, making home decor items available everywhere - even in your local Walmart.

Retail chains are now offering home decor items for seemingly low prices lacking originality and design in order to attract the wider audience. From “Live, Laugh, Love” signs to basic designs, the widely placed products lost the initial touch of originality and creativity it should provide.

That is why people are now turning to hand-crafted, original pieces that will enrich their living spaces while supporting artist from all around the world

What does the future of home goods retail look like?

You have to agree that if you had to choose between an already seen, dull piece for your house and hand-crafted and artisan made item - you would choose the second one.

People do not mind spending an extra buck for that perfect element for their home and having a statement piece that would align with their personality and already established interior.

In the modern times, people care so much more about ethical production, making their top priority to support businesses and artists who put their heart and soul to the pieces delivered to them. And that is where the mission of our store lays. We are making sure that family-run businesses, small enterprises, urban entrepreneurs, and women artisans bring their work to the rest of the world. You can read more about the background  and stories of our designs and products here

Handcrafted decor is getting the spotlight it always needed! 

People have seen the importance and value of unique, hand crafted and original pieces. They have realized that an item like that can impact living spaces by simply adding the needed colors and design to their home.

Are you wondering what is the reason behind the rise of demand for handcrafted pieces?

First of all, we have to put a spotlight on environmental sustainability as now more than ever we should take all the steps to protect our actual living space - the Earth. When work is done by hand, it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint spending less energy resources to create a perfect piece. We are making sure to lower the amount of mass production and therefore decrease the impact big factories have on our environment.

You are not only getting your home-decor piece, you are being a part of a bigger picture. There is a whole experience that led to the design and creation of the item you are purchasing. Please visit this page to hear wonderful and truly inspiring stories behind our artists and their designs. Learning more about their background contributes to that wonderful feeling you get when purchasing it knowing you are supporting a good cause and helping someone’s creative dreams come true.

Finally, accents are now much more put on ethically sourced products as every day we hear more stories about poorly paid workers from undeveloped countries, unsafe work environments and forced child labor. It is time for a change and it can be done only by creating a safe space for designers, creators and crafters from all around the world. It is a core of our mission to take good care of individuals and families working on products we are delivering. Our round velvet cushions are crafted by incredible women from a small city of Punjab as together with a non-profit organization we are providing them with a chance to ensure their economic stability and development.


It is incredibly heartwarming to know that this is where the future of home goods retail is heading. That customers are basing their choices on good values, bettering the world one bit at a time with every purchase. The corporate world must go in this direction too, because only uniting around the same goal we can achieve great results. Our store offers an option for wholesale home decor allowing us to expand our mission and giving other businesses an opportunity to offer high-quality ethical sourced products for a price accessible to the wider audience.

By being in this together, we are creating a brighter future for home decor production and consumption.  

Home decor products that are gaining all the attention 

Up until recently, when thinking about statement pieces people drifted towards usually big and often expensive decor items and then taking a lot of effort to adjust their room interior to that one important part of their living space. 

Now, the emphasis is put on small yet very eye-catching additions to their already established space vision. The importance is now laying in the multi-use and versatility as well as a somewhat effortless set-up.

That means that home decor items such as throw blankets and throw pillows became a must-have piece for any living area. That is because those pieces bring a great amount of color and texture to any room as well as adjust well with different pieces of furniture. For example, an artisan throw with a unique design can easily become a statement piece of your room when combining it with your regular sofa or bed. By doing so people found a perfect way to express their creativity and personality without having to spend a lot of money on it. The beauty lies in the versatile use of the throws as there are many different ways to place them, getting a different set-up each time.

And there is no cozy living space without some throw pillows added to the picture. Hand-crafted and original pillows add so much to the atmosphere of your home, while also easily combined with any type of furniture you wish to accent.

These items are a perfect way for anyone to upgrade their interior design by simply throwing and tossing these pieces around, painting a different picture every time they do so. One day you can toss them in the corner of the couch, tomorrow you can neatly set them on your bed or use them for your outdoor space. People saw an unlimited amount of possibilities for interpreting these pieces into already established living spaces. But the importance of it lies in the design of the pillows and throws. For them to create the needed effect, people have to count on the uniqueness and the quality of design. That is exactly why they choose hand crafted and artisan made pieces - to make sure that special touch to their room is indeed special. 

Home decor trends come and go, but what must stay important is that we ensure that originality never fades away. The home goods retail is on a good track of making the hand-crafted pieces a synonym for quality and originality, all while being sustainable and supporting artists and creators from around the globe.

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