Elevate Your Home’s Décor with Wall Art Inspiration from 15 Artists



Every homeowner and renter knows the importance of selecting the right finishing touches to make your space stand out. From scented candles to decorative throw pillows, these small décor choices can elevate your home’s aesthetic. But one place that can truly complete a room are the walls of your home- and the options are endless.

There are seemingly more art mediums out there than there is enough space on your walls. To help you gather some wall art inspiration, we’ve consulted artists from Dallas, TX all the way to Vancouver, CA, for their best advice. Check out what they had to say, so you can elevate your home’s décor with inspirational artwork today.

Hang art that works.

It not only looks great, but actually does something. Keeping time and looking fabulous on your wall. Timeworks Clocks offer designer clocks in many sizes, most have a vintage flare, but can be placed in a modern setting for a conversation piece. – Joan Iness, Timeworks Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can make your room pop.

When decorating your home, there are many different approaches that you can take to maximise the empty space on your walls. Consider a wall clock for your living room or office. Often, wall clocks are not desirable for the bedroom due to noise. Wall clocks come in so many different styles, shapes, and colours, which fortunately makes it quite easy to match a clock to the style of your home. For a subtle look, you may opt for a more classic and minimal design, in a small or medium size. For a more extravagant look, you can look at larger clocks that act as the statement piece for the entire wall, and can significantly elevate the look of the room. When searching for a clock to compliment the theme of your home, consider searching for styles such as rustic, vintage, or minimalist just to name a few. Tick Tock Clocks

Highlight your space with a unique and charming piece.

A unique art piece celebrates your individuality in any room of your home, and is quite a balancing act between personal taste and practicality. Some pieces are absurd, some are charming, and some are just plain beautiful. Your space can hold almost anything as long as the art has some context. – Al Barsky, Principal & Curator of Barsky Gallery

Consider your current design.

What is the theme or look that you’re going for in your home? This will help you determine the perfect art piece for it. For my clients who have a farm style interior design, I also suggest that they purchase art canvas. Canvas are not only easy to hang, but they are beautiful and their textured finish compliments any farm style home. For clients with a more modern look, we suggest a metal art piece. They are durable, dynamic and have a beautiful, glossy finish. Kamia McWilliams, Kamia Portraits

Think creatively with non-traditional options.

Prints on acrylic, glass, metal, wood, and acrylic sandwich frames. Also go with shapes, like a round piece on wood. I create a weekly YouTube video called “In the Frame Shop” where I take my clients into the frame shop to share all the new and creative projects underway. – Russell Cox, Artifex

Laser engraving can make a big splash.

Consider custom laser engraving of tiles, either floor tiles or tiles on the walls. We also do glass doors in cabinets. We can add designs to the glass, accents, or borders as well. All easily done with a good, high-quality laser. – John Price, LightCutters

Take your plan and visualize your wall.

Take your plan and visualize your wall

You can make an initial sketch on paper or arrange your art on the floor. Work on rearranging your art pieces until you are satisfied with the look. Picking a theme like material or motifs can help bring your art wall together. – Nirali Guzman, Casa Amarosa

Make sure the art will pop.

If you want to place paintings, crazy photos, or interesting posters on your interior do not be afraid of the color on your walls, which will be the perfect backdrop for your paintings. Think of museums and art galleries, their walls are never white. – Need Decor

Take three things into consideration.

When creating a gallery wall we always suggest starting with three things – a theme, a color scheme, and anchor piece of art – the central starting place for your collection. We like to include some sort of greenery in our groupings as well. We use metal wall buckets with faux plants that can be changed to match the season or event. If you have a large space to fill, it’s better to add more pieces rather than trying to space out a few pieces to fill the wall. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for filling an entire wall all at once, you can start with a central grouping and then plan to build on it as your budget permits. – Jessica Massey, Woodstock Rustic

Choose art that inspires you.

When selecting wall art, choose art that makes your heart happy, let’s your personality shine through and compliments the theme and style of your home. Think about how the art makes you feel, what emotions it stirs and if it inspires you. Most importantly, take into consideration the space and placement of the art; for a very wide wall, a triptych could work best, for a tall and narrow wall go with a vertical piece, for a powder room, go with art that is not overpowering. – Rachel Mathews, art selector at DiaNoche Designs
Remember art is personal taste and self-expression. Self expression from the artist but also self expression for the owner. It has to resonate with you. To evoke feelings, hopefully of calm and warmth for a home. You may want to tie in a color from the art to your decorating or wall color. It doesn’t have to be exact but similar. This really anchors a piece of art into the room, It makes sense to the eye. For example, a throw pillow or accent wall could pick up a bright yellow streak that is in a painting. Or green glass vases that mimic the forest green of a landscape. – Janine Gerade, Janine’s Jewelry Design

Make sure you have the right size art.

The best tip for choosing the right art for your wall is picking the right size. We get asked this question a lot and we tell people to measure the space they want decals to go and mark it with tape. That way you can step back and take a look at exactly how big it will be. With decals, you can frame them, die-cut them etc to make them fit your space. – Lindsay Robinson, Wall Decal World

The wall art possibilities are endless.

Here at Wall Sensations, we give you infinite possibilities when it comes to livening up a dull space in your home; choose from our curated library of over 100+ images or submit an image of your own. What we do best is help our customers pick an image that best suits their needs; if you have a space that you use for entertaining that is centered around a certain theme then a backdrop to pair with it may just be the thing that puts it over the top. – Wall Sensations

Opt for an eye-catching mural.

We love a great wall mural, as there are so many variations, and they can be personalized for any room in a home. A fun geometric pattern in an asymmetrical style is eye-catching and perfect for kids rooms or a home gym, while a full wall mural of botanicals or mountains is serene and inviting and perfect for a sitting or family room. Play with color, style, shape, design, and a wall mural can turn any wall into a conversation piece. – Lori Pratt, Designed Life Delivered

Decide what energy you’re looking to bring into that space, then apply color psychology to help you narrow your choices as you work to find the ideal artwork. The color yellow is associated with optimism, youth, and sunshine. It creates a feeling of happiness, hope, and joy. Red increases the heart rate and creates a sense of excitement. Conversely, blue is good for calming your mind, reducing stress, and lowering your heart rate. Similarly, green gives off a sense of balance and stability. Orange creates an atmosphere of spontaneity, creativity, and fearlessness. This is a good color to have in your creative space. Purple has a soothing effect when used in lighter shades. Darker shades can create a mood of gloom and sadness. Feel free to mix in black and white but we recommend that you don’t use either in too great a portion or you may create a sense of morbidness or emptiness. – Aleta Rochelle Olesen Daria Founder/CEO of Artlita

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