Collaboration with Women's Collective Box | Handcrafted Sabai Grass Coasters


This month we launched a new product collaboration for Women's Collective Spring Box 2021. The collaboration has been especially important because of the story behind the brand, this box is all about supporting and empowering women owned businesses. They do so by featuring female owned brands in their quarterly subscription box and donating 5% of the profits back to women entrepreneurs.

The Featured Product: Sabai Grass Coasters 

After working closely with Women's Collective founder Rashelle - we exclusively designed a set of 4 woven grass coasters. These beautiful coasters were handcrafted with love by women artisans in India. These artisans crafted the coasters from locally-sourced, 100% sustainable Sabai grass. Read below to go behind the scenes.


Behind the scenes: Taking a deep dive 

We worked with women artisans in the state of Odisha, India as our partners for the coasters. The material used was sourced locally -- Sabai grass is grown in a very wide part of the Mayurbhanj district, also called "Bubei Ghasa," principally used for creating Sabai Rope by rural women.

Once the grass is cut and dried in sunlight - it is collected by the women and sorted according to size and quality. The dried grass is then beautifully handwoven by them to create these gorgeous Sabai Grass Coasters 


Women Artisan_Casa Amarosa

As consumers, we all have the ability to empower others through the choices we make. Brands like Women's Collective Box not only provide a platform for women owned businesses but also gave us at Casa Amarosa, the opporutnity to reach a larger community of like minded women.

Visit The Women's Collective Box here 

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