Casa Amarosa launches Goodweave Certified Pillows

You have seen the Goodweave labels on our rugs but now we have launched a new collection of pillows (Goodweave Certified Products) with the certification. The GoodWeave Home Textiles Certification both identifies labor exploitation and provides life-changing education to those children found. 

It has been a natural progression for Casa Amarosa to expand the Goodweave labelling standard to its pillows. By partnering with GoodWeave on both rug and soft textiles, our retail partners and buyers can be confident of the supply chain transparency and product traceability provided by this certification.

What does a Goodweave Label mean?

The GoodWeave label is the best assurance that no child labor, forced labor or bonded labor was used in the making of the certified product. When you choose the GoodWeave label, your purchasing decision also supports programs that educate children, provide critical services, and transform communities.

What is the impact?

GoodWeave’s initiative was first created in India in 1994 to provide independent, ethical accreditation that not only reassured consumers, but also provided better training and conditions for workers in the handmade rug industry. From 1995 to 2021, GoodWeave has helped ensure freedom for 8,091 children, provided educational opportunities for 44,396 children, and certified more than 29 million products as child-labor-freeSince 1994, over 7 million GoodWeave labeled rugs and carpets have been exported to Europe and North America Retailers as far apart as North America, Germany and the UK.

Why is it important for our retail partners and buyers?

Casa Amarosa partnered with Good Weave to give our retail partners the additional assurance that our products have been ethically sourced. Goodweave fulfills its mission by creating market demand for certified products, monitoring supply chains, rescuing and educating child laborers, and providing critical services to weaving families. Its is 

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