A Story of Artisans, Craftsmanship, and a World Without Child Labor


As the world awakens to another June 12th, a day set apart as World Day Against Child Labor, it feels imperative for me to share an integral part of Casa Amarosa's foundational ethos – our commitment to a child labor-free world. 

Together, we'll explore our partnership with GoodWeave International, discuss the challenges we face in achieving supply chain visibility, and kindle a spark within each of us to create a lasting impact.

Child Labor: Not Just a Statistic

Child labor is not just a statistic. The International Labour Organization estimates 152 million children are ensnared in child labor. This number is daunting and for me, deeply personal. Each figure represents a stolen childhood, a dream deferred, a future compromised. This is a narrative we at Casa Amarosa are driven to change.

"Every Child Matters" by Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi is a thought-provoking book that moved me and solidified my resolve to play my part in this fight.

Child Labor Free

More Than Just a Business

Casa Amarosa is my dream realized, a celebration of skilled craftsmanship, and a stand against exploitative labor practices. Every unique piece is a testimony of ethical artisanship, crafted with passion by artisans who are fairly compensated, work in safe conditions, and, importantly, are not children.

Joining Hands with GoodWeave International

In my quest to combat child labor, I discovered a guiding light—GoodWeave International. Their unwavering dedication to eliminating child labor from the textile trade resonated deeply with me. I knew that together, we could weave a future where children's rights are protected and their dreams nurtured.

Our partnership with GoodWeave has become the cornerstone of our commitment to transparency and accountability. Through their meticulous certification processes, we ensure that our supply chains remain untainted by the darkness of child labor. Their inspections and support programs have provided us with the tools to create a better tomorrow.

You can read more about Good Weave International here

Supply Chain: A Challenge and Opportunity

However, as I embarked on this journey, I soon realized that achieving supply chain visibility would be no easy task. The textile industry spans the globe, encompassing diverse cultures and complex networks. Every thread in this intricate tapestry passes through numerous manufacturing tiers, making it increasingly difficult to trace the origins of our products.

Subcontracting and outsourcing practices further complicate matters, creating layers of opacity within the supply chain. Despite our best efforts, the lack of transparency into our suppliers' practices remains a persistent challenge. It is a reminder that even the most well-intentioned brands may unknowingly find themselves associated with child labor due to obscured supply chains.

Nevertheless, I firmly believe that transparency holds the key to overcoming these challenges. We need standardized reporting and monitoring systems that shed light on labor conditions across the industry. Collaboration between brands, governments, and consumers is crucial in establishing a universal framework that ensures ethical sourcing.

On this World Day Against Child Labor

Let's foster a sense of curiosity and knowledge about this pressing issue. Our everyday choices as consumers can stitch together a better world for all children. A world where their dreams and innocence are safeguarded. If you wish to delve deeper, I highly recommend "Child Labour in India" by Shantha Sinha, which portrays a comprehensive picture of child labor in the Indian context.

In our small but significant ways, we are weaving change, threading a tapestry of hope and dreams.

Thank you for walking this path with us

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