5 Sustainable Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Store


What is a sustainable product?

A sustainable product needs to help the environment in which it is created, while also offering positive social and economic effects along the way. This goes for all stages of its production, from product development and manufacturing to shipping—and all the way through to its disposal.

Our commitment to shopping sustainably shouldn't end when the holiday season begins. Which is why we’ve shortlisted some of our top sustainable holiday gifting ideas for you- 


Baskets- Light and durable, our ethically made sabai grass baskets are perfect for any season. Handwoven by a group of women artisans of India, these baskets are multifunctional and sustainable. Place one on a hall table, sideboard or shelving unit for a simple, decorative touch. Or group a basket with other meaningful mementos such as photo frames, special books or hand crafted objects. 

Rugs- Our eco-friendly rugs that are made up of plant-based materials. They are woven from jute plant fibres that are also common in ropes. Jute rugs have a beautiful texture that makes them suitable for layering and they are also quite affordable.

Sustainable Tableware- We carry an array of fair trade, domestically made, recycled, natural, and sustainably sourced tableware/serveware products. One of which is our Black Clay Longpi Pottery Collection. Each product of Longpi pottery uses nothing but natural materials and are totally handmade (all the way from moulding to firing), which makes each creation truly unique. 

Cozy Throws- Our tufted Throws are handmade from a thick woven cotton fabric and the beautiful stitched pattern is sewn over the fabric for dimensional tufted result. Modern aesthetics and traditional hand-weaving methods collide to form a timeless masterpiece that will last years.The Boho-style throws are ethically produced in India, handcrafted by master artisans of India.

Multi-purpose cutting/serving boards- Wooden cutting boards are currently undergoing a resurgence in popularity, and for many good reasons. Wooden boards are often referred to as self-healing because shallow cuts close up, helping to prevent the spread of bacteria. They are knife-friendly and, when properly cared for, can last for years. Hard woods such as acacia, teak, and maple make for some of the highest-quality cutting boards because they absorb less water and bacteria than other more porous woods. We carry a range of sustainable wooden boards perfect for holidays and gifting. 

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