4 Essentials for a Sustainable Picnic Outing


Picnic Basket

These sabai grass oval baskets woven in India allow for wide-bodied items like plates, cakes, and collections of containers, side by side. If you happen to find some edible wild mushrooms after your picnic, this is the perfect basket for them, too!


Cloth Not Paper

Ever have a paper napkin fly away only to become litter down the river somewhere?  Avoid this moment and bring reusables. Try cloth napkins or unpaper towels next time you hit the park.  They wipe little faces better and double as a wrap for any dirty dishes or cutlery when it is time to head home. 

Picnic Blanket

These gorgeous textiles made with Slub 100% cotton are ethically made in India. Luxuriously soft and versatile, these are handblock printed by master artisans. They're actually bed throws but are perfect for picnicking. 


Picnic Serveware

Our handmade teak wood cutting boards are ethically sourced and handmade by skilled local artisans in India. These are lightweight, easy to carry and are ideal for Cutting, Chopping & slicing Bread, Vegetable, Meat, etc.The surface of the chopping board is very smooth and it’s hard to get a stain so you did not need to make an effort to remove stains.


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