2021 Winter Home Decor Ideas & Trends We Love: Neutral Tones and Texture


Winter is the time you spend with your family, thanks to the holiday season. Every house needs to feel warm and welcoming and this can be achieved by swapping existing home decor items with comfortable and cozy ones. Winter home decor is more than just utilizing some of the old home decor pieces, it is more about incorporating neutral colors, textures, and layers to the already existing decor of your home. The right tones and textures can elevate the look of any house.

This winter season, neutral colors, textures, decor items, and tones have made a comeback. Basic has become the new cool with several home decor trends incorporating the natural neutral tones in the designing of homes. More people are inclined towards buying comfortable handmade pillows and cozy throws to use as decor items this winter. These are just the little things that turn any home into the cozy shelter one would want to hibernate in.

Winter Home Decor Ideas & Trends We Love for 2021


People have been into the comfortable, warm, and cozy vibes as they spend the most time in their homes with family. To do so, some may want a minimalistic look while others may want a vintage look. The appropriate winter home decor allows anyone to change the vibe of the house to something they like, no matter what style they choose to go with. Some of the trends and home decor ideas that we love for the winter of 2021 are listed below.

Minimalist Neutral decor

People have different design ideas in mind to swap the vibe of the house this winter. One of them is the classic minimalistic design incorporated with neutral tones. With a minimalistic vibe, multiple textures and neutral tones can be harmonized together to make the living space calming and soothing to the eye.


It is a misconception that you can not add layers and different decor elements when you are going for a minimalist design. You can definitely add some layers and textured elements to the room to make it cohesive yet minimalist. A jute rug with textured furniture and throw pillows make for a classic neutral tone minimalist living room. Buying wholesale throw pillows is ideal when you want to scatter them all over the house in different areas.

Layer up with textures and prints

Layer up with textures and prints

Laying on the sofa with comfy throws and pillows around you is what winter is all about. Creating playful layers of textures and prints is a trend that suits best for winters. It gives a very comfortable and warm vibe. The layers do not have to be clustered in one spot and can be dispersed up in different areas to maintain a soft look. Both print on print and texture on texture is a trend that has not gone out of style since 2020.

  1. Textures

Textures can be incorporated into the house with the help of some textured home decor items. Too much texture can be overwhelming, so you need to ensure that you add textured elements subtly all over the space. This can be done by tossing some textured handmade cushions around the seating area and adding a comfortable jute rug. Additionally, knitted throws, cushions and blankets, textured vases, are some textured Winter Home Decor items that make the space lively and comfy.

  1. Prints

There are a few ways to decorate a space with multiple prints without making it shabby or cluttered. One way to layer prints is by combining a busy print with a soft print Winter Home Decor item. Two busy printed items will only clutter the room. Examples of subtle print on print style are, stacking up different printed throws in baskets and on chairs, or layering two printed rugs on top of each other in the living room.

Warm-up with earthy tones


Winter is the perfect excuse to stay grounded and connected with nature as warm earthy tones have been in trend this season. Textured and natural-toned furniture, natural materials, fabrics, and earthy tones are the best items that can be purchased from wholesale home décor stores.

Warm earthy tones like burnt browns, ivory, shades of oranges, peacock blues make the space instantly feel warm. Combining neutrals with a pop of color by incorporating hues like pots, blankets, pillows, makes the space lively and joyful, perfect for the holiday season. 

Natural Materials


Natural materials have been quite talked about this season as they add warmth to a space. Many Winter Home Decor stores have an abundance of decor items made of natural fibers and raw materials like cotton, jute, wool, grass fringe, timber furniture, etc. Adding touches of natural textiles around the house is a simple but elegant way to revamp the space.

One natural material that could turn huge this winter is wood. Multifunctional furniture made of wood is one great way to effortlessly introduce natural materials in the layout of the space. Moreover, natural materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. Using these items is a great investment into your home.


Cottagecore is a style that is loved by the masses and is perfect for winter. It adds character to any modern living space. Cottage core style is a great way to accent some gorgeous and unique Winter Home Decor items in your living space. This style screams neutral pastel tones and elevates the look of any room. It strikes the right balance between tacky and aesthetic.

Cottagecore is a love child of vintage, glamour, and modern styles of interior design. It combines vintage prints, wool, and Lenin materials with unique structural features like beams, wood tones, high ceilings, chandeliers, etc. It is a style that craves nostalgic styles over modern twists.

Comfortable seating area by the fireplace

What is winter without sitting by the fireplace making smores, or reading a book? It is one of the most loved places to be during winters with family. A fireplace adds character to the ambiance of the living area. A warm-toned fireplace will be the perfect accent decore piece in the living room. Creating a comfortable seating area near the fireplace is ideal when you want to cuddle up with your family and spend some quality time. You can add some throw pillows in the sitting area with some comfy blankets as well. Top it off with hot chocolate and you have the comfort of your family to be with.

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